Like any other relocation, educational institution moves come with a unique set of challenges.  Many schools never really close down for summer break, so no matter when they’re planned, you have to make sure you’re taking class schedules into consideration, communicating very closely with faculty and staff, not to mention the student population.  Same as not wanting any business disruptions during a corporate relocation, a school relocation shouldn’t be a reason for anyone to miss class.

Higher Education


Create a relocation plan to consolidate 1,400 employees from five of their ten buildings into the new 317,000 SF Administration Center to reduce the Administrative Services real estate footprint by 173,000 SF.  However, in May, 2010, after the current and projected headcount wAS tallied based on relocation questionnaire responses from the various departments impacted by the project, it was discovered that there had been unexpected explosive growth after the space programming was completed…


Between late May and July, 2010, Sabrina Whitlow worked with the client’s Corporate Real Estate Department and project design firm to develop a revised Master Space Plan, including increased capacity at the Administration Center, extending the lease in one of the buildings slated for expiration, relocating one of the client’s educational academies, and consolidating employees into nine of the twelve buildings…

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