Every relocation has its challenges...

Moving your company can present excellent opportunities on many fronts.  It can also create a huge (yet avoidable) headache. A successful business relocation involves a copious amount of planning, decision making and communication – while keeping your business viable, your employees content, and your customers satisfied.  All this planning and attention to detail can easily become a full-time job - distracting you and other managers from doing what you do best – your job. 


So - do you really have the time and expertise to wear both hats?

For two decades, it’s been our job to meticulously plan the relocation of hundreds of business  – offices, corporate headquarters and campuses, as well as factories, laboratories, educational and health care institutions, and others. We pioneered the processes - to help you avoid the chaos.

You can try to make 300 Decisions, or just one.  It’s what we do.

Who's an expert?

With decades of experience in business relocations of every kind, we have the chops to get it done right. Read More

When do we start?

Is your move within a year? It'll be here before you know it! Read More

Where do we begin?

We have a tried-and-true process, and it starts with discovery. Read More

What should we expect?

If you opt to a do-it-yourself move, you may be in for chaos, distraction, lost customers, and unhappy staff.. or you can team up with experts. Read More

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