Office Services

At first glance, office relocations might seem a lot easier than moving a hospital or manufacturing plant. However, that would be misleading, because changes happen fast in office moves, and mid-stream course corrections are frequent. We can cope – we've done it before.

Banking / Financial Services


A large financial services company was under pressure to relocate 2,200 staff members prior to their lease expiration to avoid a significant financial penalty.  A new 480,000 SF headquarters building was being constructed and turned over for occupancy in multiple phases…


Sequencing of phases was critical because the organization had a 12-week window to relocate.  Additionally, the company had to decide on a comprehensive address change strategy for printed material, various websites, electronic forms and regulatory registrations.

Matt Dennis met with the internal client team to assess the needs and put together a comprehensive business transition and relocation strategy with over 1,000 tasks and specific timing… 

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Insurance Services


After a significant tenant vacated their corporate headquarters, a major insurance company decided to renovate and relocate approximately 4,300 employees from their suburban campus to their headquarters.  This was no easy feat as the destination had over 1.6 million SF and the origin was over 1.2 million SF.  To add to the logistical challenge, departments were not always grouped together efficiently…


Matt Dennis worked with real estate services leadership team members to phase and manage the relocation, including input from internal stakeholders and project team members as well as the relocating units.  After several weeks of information gathering, strategy sessions, a 16-phase move was scheduled over six months, practical for the business unit, and the design, programming and construction activities…

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