Do You Know When To Plan?

Business Relocation Services should begin in conjunction with Architectural & Design planning activities.  We’ve found this to be optimal timing for a highly successful relocation.  While the A&D professionals focus on space surveys and programming, we’ll work with them to identify the hundreds of business transition issues that need to be incorporated into the overall planning activities. This integrated process provides more effective planning, better results, and prevents costly pitfalls that can otherwise arise as the project progresses.

For example, during the design programming and planning process, the decision might be made to reduce the square footage of the future workstations.  With that knowledge, 300 Decisions will start identifying the various impacts of smaller workstations.  Ultimately, a smaller workstation means less storage.  Less storage means a more aggressive purge campaign.  When workstations become smaller, population density increases – more people in less square footage usually means people need to modify their behavior a bit, resulting in new office etiquette – like discontinued use of speakerphones, the introduction of headsets, etc. 

These are just a few examples of critical details that need to be determined early in the relocation planning cycle and communicated to employees to provide them with enough information and time to successfully prepare for a smooth relocation.  Detailed communications about the move process and the new space will create excitement and anticipation rather than uncertainty, disappointment and chaos.  We approach the project from a different angle than most, resulting in a comprehensive relocation program to keep you focused on your business, while we focus on your move.


Based on our vast experience in relocation management, planning should begin as follows, based on the size and complexity of your move.

Greater than 100,000 square feet or any relocation with significant complexity - 12 to 18 months before occupancy

75,000 to 50,000 square feet - 9 to 12 months before occupancy

Under 50,000 square feet - 9 months before occupancy

We're The Experts!

Experience shows that many people focus on relocation activities way too late, resulting in a chaotic move – not to mention significant risk, business disruption and unhappy clients and employees – not a good recipe for success, that’s for sure.

Understanding the hundreds of tasks required for a smooth, successful relocation - and the unique challenges related to your line of business - is what we do best.  300 Decisions will spend quality time up front, learning about your needs, challenges and constraints, and then carefully identify the best timing and schedule to provide the best possible results for your company’s relocation.