If you’re wrestling with an unwieldy relocation project, are short on facilities staff, or have never handled a major relocation project before, don’t let the prospect of a huge move put you in a tailspin.  300 Decisions will help you organize your efforts, maintain operations with a minimum of disruptions, and will assure you a fearless relocation.  Our combination of strategic communications and project management skills address both the human and strategic side of major relocation projects.


Don’t worry – we’ll help you figure it out

300 Decisions’ team of experienced Relocation Project Managers will create an environment of information sharing and teamwork, quickly blending with your organization, external project team members and internal customer groups.  After a project assessment, we’ll develop a customized relocation plan to address your specific needs.  We can help you create order out of chaos with proven strategies that join people and space in uncommon ways to support your business process.

Don’t sweat the tough stuff

No relocation project is too complex for 300 Decisions.  Though we passionately pursue all types of assignments, we specialize in the management of challenging projects that require sophisticated planning and meticulous coordination of the hundreds of decisions inherent to a major relocation.  These include projects for offices, corporate headquarters and campuses, as well as industrial, government, laboratory and healthcare facilities.

You’ll save money

Because of our knowledge, years of experience and innovative use of technology, 300 Decisions will save you money. We use advanced technology to operate more efficiently and cost effectively in a competitive environment.  We will help you budget and spend your relocation dollars wisely and help prevent cost overages by anticipating problems before they occur.

We’ll motivate the troops

While we are proud of our technical efficiencies, we also receive high praise for the effective way we keep people looking forward.  To maintain employee productivity and create a positive experience during the transition, whether it’s a cultural change,a physical move, or both, 300 Decisions integrates employee communications and engagement techniques into all the plans we develop.

We’ll make you look good

When the big moving day rolls around, you’ll be amazed at the ease with which the actual relocation takes place.  Stress levels, anxiety, downtime and employee complaints are nullified and kept to a minimum.  Productivity, customer service and employee morale are maintained at maximum levels.  This makes for happy employees, untroubled customers and ecstatic management teams.


Customized Services To Meet Your Needs.

Once you’ve made the excellent decision to get in touch with 300 Decisions, you’ll find that a dreaded relocation project can actually go quite smoothly.  Our relocation management services include:

 Needs Analysis and Risk Assessment – Do you know what you need and what the risks are?

 Internal and External Relocation Support Group Integration – That great team you have won’t help much if no one brings them together.

 Relocation Strategy Development and Sequence Planning – So … you have a move date … unfortunately it’s rarely that simple.

 Relocation Project Management Website – We won’t drown you in e-mails and meetings – we promise.  We use technology to free up your time, but keep everyone on the same page.

 Financial Tracking & Budget Management – If you thought your move costs would just consist of hiring a mover and paying for some crates, you will end up over budget.  Our years of experience will ensure your budget includes all costs associated with the relocation and we’ll keep track of expenditures to keep the project within its means.

 Relocation Timeline & Task Development – One of the most important parts of a relocation project … who is doing what andwhen does it need to be done

 Departmental Risk Analysis – Oops – the move is at end of quarter - when your tax department is slammed?  This could have been avoided with a thorough analysis of all departmental operations and customer impacts, then step-by-step coordination with each department from planning through occupancy.

 Comprehensive Communications Program – A strategic and customized communications plan is vital to the overall success of a relocation project.  We will keep employees and all team members informed of project updates, key dates, what to expect during the relocation and how best to prepare them for the space they will move to.

• Move Management & Supervision – We won’t leave you hanging in the wind. Once the detailed plan we put in place is wrapping up, we’ll still be there to ensure that everything proceeds just as intended.

• Day ONE Acclimation – A relocation is only as good as the experience provided to the employees.  The move went well, but no one knows where to get coffee, how to map to their printer, how to adjust their new chair, or what amenities the building has to offer.  Our services are designed to make Day ONE a positive experience for all involved.