What Can You Expect With Our Results?

What should be expected from a move – even an especially complex relocation?  A smooth and positive experience, even when unforeseen events throw monkey wrenches into the works. When done right by experienced professionals, your relocation should get you from point A to point B without distressed employees, confused customers, or busted budgets. You shouldn’t lose customers, key employees, or even lose sleep worrying about it. We’ve got it under control.

The team at 300 Decisions brings a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to our clients’ projects.  We have relocated business of nearly every type you can think of - from corporate office and headquarters, to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, industrial establishments, and data centers and then some.

To help you learn more about our experience, we have included significant case studies from actual projects that were run by team members of 300 Decisions.

Check Our Results That Have Made A Difference: