Moving your company can be scary, risky, chaotic and a miserable experience for all, but it doesn’t have to be.  300 Decisions offers a line of services to ensure a well-planned move that covers all the details, keeps everyone informed, and minimizes risk.

Please read more about our Relocation Management Services – which provides a detailed description of our full-service relocation planning activities.

If you’re moving an office of 20 to 30 people and have staff with the bandwidth to tackle the relocation project, but need a little expert advice and guidance, you might want to read about our Seminars & Planning Sessions.

We know you realize that your employees are more than just a commodity to your business, and tending to the human side of relocation is just as important as the move itself! Luckily our experts have pioneered a way in which we provide steps to manage a low stress easement for your employees into their new environments. Check out information about our Communications Change Management Services.

Our Service Sectors

Every relocation project is different in size and scope. Our expertise spans five distinct types of relocation management. While your project is unique in specific needs, you’re covered by our experience in one of our distinct service categories. 

Our patented process is the same for each category, but we’ve developed proven execution strategies for the following types of environments: