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Don't Forget the 'Non-People' During Your Office Relocation

By Matt Dennis on March 3, 2014

You’ve set your move date, completed your seat assignments and have a nice excel spreadsheet of all your employees moving. The spreadsheet shows where they are coming from and where they are moving to and even tells you if they have a laptop or desktop and if they need more than one data jack connection. [...] Read More

How Many Employees Can Be Relocated Over A Weekend?

By Matt Dennis on February 10, 2014

So you’ve been tasked with planning the logistics of moving employees from your old location to your new space. How long is it going to take? How many days/weekends do you need to book? While there’s a lot that goes into planning and sequencing a move, there are general tried and true tactics that can [...] Read More

Work and Workplace Design Trends of 2014

By Guest Blogger on January 21, 2014

In many industries the workplace has been as hierarchical as the royal court of Louis XIV. Throughout the 20th century, offices would become grander and more posh as the occupant ascended the corporate ladder. In 2014 we can finally say that many companies have a much flatter organizational chart and the egalitarian workspaces to prove it. Now the resources that the worker needs to do his or her job determine the size and accoutrements of their work area. [...] Read More

A Successful Move: Hub Group

By Matt Dennis on January 8, 2014

Hub Group Moves to New Headquarters Relocation activities have been successfully completed for Hub Group, a freight transportation management company. The new headquarters is located at 2000 Clearwater Drive in Oak Brook, IL. – Just 5.4 miles and 12 minutes away from its previous location. This is the transportation company’s biggest move yet! 300 Decisions [...] Read More

Want the Most Productive Workplace Possible? Leave the Cube!

By Guest Blogger on October 7, 2013

Written by Hewitt Tomlin, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

Today, telecommuting is not only feasible, but some would even argue that it is necessary to telecommute in order to stay competitive in this day and age. One of these people is Terri Maxwell who, in her new book, cites many reasons for the increasingly changing workplace and claims that change is the necessary and risk-averse strategy to achieving workplace success.   [...] Read More

Corporate Relocation is Harder Than You Think!

By Helen Dennis on August 26, 2013

It takes a special kind of person to enjoy the meticulous planning and monotony that goes into orchestrating a major corporate relocation. I am one of those people! While it’s not rocket science, most major relocations involve hundreds of decisions and an aptitude for project management – and maybe a little common sense, too. I’m always [...] Read More

The Final 1% of a Relocation Project

By Helen Dennis on August 5, 2013

After spending months planning a corporate relocation project, you won’t want anything other than a complete success. Unfortunately, all that hard work in planning a successful transition really comes down to how smoothly things go on the first day during the first hour the staff walks through the door. If the environment is chaotic and overwhelming, things will start out with a negative tone. [...] Read More

A 'Green' Office Relocation

By Helen Dennis on July 29, 2013

Two decades ago, physical moving projects used stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes to complete the move. Then, in the mid-1990s, the reusable moving crate emerged. These crates are easier to use, reduce loss/damage, are less expensive and are much more environmentally friendly than traditional cardboard boxes.

Here are the numbers: Crates produce 92% less total solid waste. They generate 28% fewer   greenhouse gas emissions. Production of crates requires 36% less total energy. [...]Read More

How Relocations Services Save You Money

By Helen Dennis on July 22, 2013

A typical business relocation project requires nearly 3,000 hours of planning activities. This time-consuming effort is even more daunting when you consider adding these responsibilities to your already hectic day-to-day schedule. Hiring a business relocation firm is a smart investment as its core business is dedicated to a process most organizations go through only once a decade. [...] Read More


5 SimpleTask to Help Relocate Without Disruption

By Helen Dennis on July 15, 2013

When planning a corporate relocation, there can be an overwhelming number of tasks to be completed and details to oversee. That being the case, it might be tempting to leave a few things to be done AFTER you move in – especially if you’re doing the move yourself and have too much on your plate [...] Read More


The Move Matrix – Managing Data Changes

By Helen Dennis on July 1, 2013

A good Move Matrix is critical to the success of your relocation project, and a Move Matrix is only as good as the data it contains. The employee data tracked in the Move Matrix is dynamic – meaning, it changes a lot – like, every day. People change positions and departments, new people get hired [...] Read More

Decommissioning: Save a little, Lose a Lot

By Guest Blogger on June 24, 2013

Written by Joe Mannino, Jr, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

When companies upgrade or relocate to a new space, it’s always a fight against time to complete everything before the “drop-dead” lease termination date. Failure to meet this time frame will result in exorbitant holdover fees and potential storage and/or removal costs that are assessed for not planning efficiently. Moreover, this doesn’t include legal fees and holds on tenant security  deposits if the space is not exactly how the landlord expects it to be. [...] Read More

What’s the Best Practice for Assigning Desks?

By Guest Blogger on June 17, 2013

Considering how “light” the workplace is getting these days, I approach the seating issue first by asking why we’re assigning seats in the first place. I expect it won’t be long before our “phones” have the technology to locate people in the workplace anywhere, allowing us to sit where we will work best. [...] Read More

10 Common Complexities of a Restack Project

By Matt Dennis on June 10, 2013

The way people work – and the workplace itself – is continuously changing. Real estate and facilities groups are adjusting to new, cost-effective footprints to keep up with this change. Work from home, desk sharing, hoteling and open collaborative spaces are just a few of the trends causing a need for organizations to renovate and [...] Read More

4 Tips for Qualifying Your Move Company

By Matt Dennis on June 3, 2013

Some companies are large enough to have a contracted mover to perform recurring physical move services. Others use a professional Move Management Services firm to take care of sourcing, qualifying and bidding for them. If you don’t have these luxuries and are selecting your mover in-house, the following tips will help you complete a thorough [...]Read More

Lease Negotiations: Think About Moving Out Before Moving In

By Guest Blogger on May 28, 2013

Written by Andy Gardner, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

I have been involved in the leadership of the American Bar Association for the last several years. First, as Vice-Chair of the Leasing Group’s Emerging Issues and Specialty Leases Committee (2008-2012) and most recently acting as the coordinator of the ABA presentation series “The Nuts and Bolts of Leases.” Nuts and Bolts consists of ½ hour calls every other month, each with a speaker or speaker(s) that focus on a specific lease provision or issue and discuss its implications for the landlord and tenant. [...] Read More

5 Tips for Communicating Workplace Change

By Helen Dennis on May 20, 2013

Change in the workplace is becoming more common, frequent and dramatic. More flexibility, technology, organizational structures and generational differences are impacting our work environments. While all of this change may be for the good, there is a level of anxiety surrounding change. At the root of this anxiety is fear; Fear of change. Heidi Grant [...] Read More

Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Furniture Deal

By Helen Dennis on May 13, 2013

Buying furniture for your office can be one of the most complicated and confusing parts of any business relocation or renovation project. Most companies are advised that the best way to buy furniture is to “Bundle.” In other words, purchase all your workstations, seating, private office and conference room furniture from one manufacturer. However, bundling [...] Read More

Hidden Details: Lease Contracts

By Guest Blogger on May 6, 2013

When people find out I’m a commercial real estate agent they often sidle up close and whisper in my ear, “Let me tell you, I got such a deal,” and expect me to nod approvingly. Dare I frown? A deal isn’t always a deal.

A gentleman who coordinated real estate for a now-defunct company with multiple properties bragged at a luncheon that he used a scare tactic to beat down the rent price. He would threaten the landlord with an impending bankruptcy, leaving that individual with empty space and a guilty conscience if the rent wasn’t lowered. A couple times the “meager times” approach worked. But he could have brokered a better deal without compromising his ethics. [...] Read More

How Do You Define Move Management?

By Matt Dennis on April 29, 2013

This blog probably isn’t titled correctly. You could call it Move Management, Move Coordination, Relocation Management, Business Transition or the numerous other titles often used to refer to the act of planning, coordinating and overseeing the activities involved to relocate a business. For the sake of consistency, let’s refer to it as Move Management. Defining [...] Read More

Tips for Developing a Comprehensive Move Phasing Plan

By Matt Dennis on April 22, 2013

Business moves come in all shapes and sizes. A corporate office move is different from a hospital move and both are different from an industrial relocation. Even corporate office moves can differ depending on the size and type of business being relocated. When dealing with a large office project that cannot be completed in one [...] Read More

Security Badges During a Relocation

By Matt Dennis on April 15, 2013

There are hundreds of decisions and tasks involved with a business relocation. You may be surprised – not only at the volume of decisions – but at how much time it can take to manage the additional tasks leading up to your relocation. One such task is the programming of employee access badges. If not [...] Read More

A Picture of the Future – Addressing Change

By Helen Dennis on April 8, 2013

Executives and project team members are justifiably concerned with the overall direction, goals and implementation of the actual relocation or facility change. Staff members, however, are concerned with these other aspects such as –

Where do I park?
Where do I sit?
What do I take with me? [...] Read More

Boxing in the Dark: Lease Negotiations

By Guest Blogger on April 1, 2013

Not all brokers are cut from the same cloth. Can you see through their list of impressive credentials to learn whom they really serve?

The best tenant representatives take time to get the low-down on area landlords, especially in prime rental markets. A traditional real estate broker may find it serves him or her to curry favors with certain landlords because they get referrals from these landlords and sometimes  commissions for helping fill a building. This individual might steer clients to the buildings that      help their pockets jingle, not necessarily the best space for clients. [...]Read More

Importance of Planning the Decommission Early

By Matt Dennis on March 26, 2013

One of the most common mistakes in planning a relocation is not committing enough time and energy toward the decommissioning of the old space. This is understandable as your time is already heavily invested in real estate, design, construction, furniture, technology and moving activities. The important aspect of vacating your space without penalty is often [...] Read More

Movers & Shakers – Move Coordinators

By Helen Dennis on March 18, 2013

The move team philosophy should recognize that employees must be allies in the move process. No one knows the unique needs of a department better than those who work in it, so it’s essential to establish a team of move coordinators from each area slated to relocate. The move coordinator concept is used as a [...] Read More

Collecting Data for the Move Matrix

By Helen Dennis on March 14, 2013

You may have read about the move matrix and why you need one when planning a business relocation. This matrix, however, is only as good as the data you put into it. “Garbage in, garbage out,” as they say. This post helps with the collection of such data and where you can easily source the [...] Read More

Top 4 Post-Move Issues to Avoid

By Matt Dennis on March 11, 2013

It is standard practice in the business relocation management industry to track and follow up on post-move requests. No matter how well a move is planned or managed, there is bound to be an issue or two that has to be addressed following the move. The quality and efficiency of how these post-move issues are [...] Read More

Simple Steps to Effective Messaging

By Helen Dennis on March 7, 2013

The cardinal rule for effectively communicating a business relocation is to be clear, consistent and honest. A solid plan sets the strategy early on. The following are essential recommendations for your communications process:

1. Develop a communication team dedicated solely to the relocation. This team should consist of internal communications, executives in charge of the project, human resources and   representatives from the external project team. [...] Read More

Who Do Real Estate Representatives Represent?

By Guest Blogger on March 4, 2013

Not all brokers are cut from the same cloth. Can you see through their list of impressive credentials to learn whom they really serve?

The best tenant representatives take time to get the low-down on area landlords, especially in prime rental markets. A traditional real estate broker may find it serves him or her to curry favors with certain landlords because they get referrals from these landlords and sometimes   commissions for helping fill a building. This individual might steer clients to the buildings that        help their pockets jingle, not necessarily the best space for clients. [...]Read More

The Seven Deadly Relocation Pitfalls

By Helen Dennis on February 28, 2013

Relocations are one of the most complicated projects. Whether you are moving 5,000 sq. ft. or 500,000 sq. ft., there’s a lot of work and detail that goes into a successful end result. Over the years we have documented lessons learned, best practices and sought feedback from clients and our colleagues on the project teams. The following list documents the seven most common pitfalls: 1. Planning – We have Plenty of Time [...] Read More

Five Things Organizations Forget When Planning a Business Relocation

By Helen Dennis on February 21, 2013

Planning a business relocation project has a lot of moving parts. When you’re dealing with hundreds of planning decisions, some seemingly simple tasks are bound to get lost in the shuffle. Overlooking these easy-to-address items can cause significant problems for your organization down the line. Business Relocation: 5 Things to Remember [...] Read More

Survey Reveals Priorities for Managing Change

By Guest Blogger on February 19, 2013

A survey of CoreNet Global members has revealed that at the beginning of a change program, corporate real estate professionals focus primarily on financial (43 percent) and technical (40 percent) change, rather than on the impact it will have on the people in their organizations.

However, less than a fifth (18 percent) said that they focused on people and resistance management activities as a priority. [...] Read More

Change of Address During a Relocation

By Matt Dennis on February 18, 2013

Organizations undergoing a relocation obviously need to change the business address. The first thing that comes to mind is registering the change with the USPS. Some organizations receive mail at a PO box, which most likely does not necessitate any further action. Once that’s covered, we can cross ‘changing the address’ off the list, right? [...]Read More

How to Coordinate Office Technology During a Move

By Matt Dennis on February 14, 2013

It’s very important to have a solid plan on how your computer and phone equipment will be relocated during your move. It may sound as simple as just disconnecting the devices, having the mover move them, and reconnecting them at their new location. At a high level, this is exactly what needs to happen, but [...] Read More

Moving your Office During a Blizzard

By Matt Dennis on February 8, 2013

What happens when you spend months planning your office move and the forecast calls for snow? Not just your typical snowstorm – a blizzard! This can very easily become the worst nightmare of project managers, facility managers, movers and all other stakeholders involved. It doesn’t have to be. Every relocation should be planned with contingency [...]Read More

Why is this Chair so Uncomfortable?

By Helen Dennis on February 7, 2013

You’ve spent hours selecting the best possible chair for your new office. Complaints about uncomfortable furniture are the last thing you want to hear after sampling so many office chairs that your backside has calluses. That’s exactly what you’ll hear if you fail to educate your end-users about their new furniture and the various adjustments [...] Read More

Special Events and Construction – Don’t Let Them Derail Your Move

By Helen Dennis on February 4, 2013

“Since I didn’t know there was a Blue-footed Booby parade – how could I have known it was the same day as our move?” Getting the answer to that question is actually relatively easy, but it may not occur to you until it’s too late. No matter how big or small, every city, township, and [...] Read More

Cleaning up Before your Office Relocation

By Matt Dennis on January 31, 2013

Many activities are involved when planning major office relocation, so it’s no surprise that developing a proper clean-up or purge campaign strategy is often neglected. With a proper clean-up program in place, you can save money by not only avoiding the cost of moving unnecessary items, but may even find that you need less space [...] Read More

When Can Employees Return to the Office During a Move?

By Matt Dennis on January 25, 2013

With the majority of major relocations taking place over the course of a weekend, eager employees may ask when they can come in and set up their new workstation. While it’s typically discouraged for employees to come into the office during a move weekend, there are times where it is necessary and must be included [...] Read More

Adequate Planning Time for a Relocation

By Helen Dennis on January 21, 2013

Although moves can happen with minimal planning, having adequate time to plan your move can be the difference between a well-orchestrated relocation and a complete fire drill. Ideally, planning should begin when Architectural & Design planning activities do. This can save you time and money by being able to address your relocation needs in parallel with [...] Read More

Mapping New Printers During an Office Relocation

By Matt Dennis on January 17, 2013

With the amount of details IT departments must keep track of when moving to a new space, it’s not uncommon for simple tasks – such as mapping new printers – to become an afterthought. It’s a job that may only take minutes, but should be planned for before the relocation. After moving hundreds of people, [...] Read More

13 Work and Workspace Trends for 2013

By Guest Blogger on January 15, 2013

Work is changing, and so is the workspace. What do we have to look forward to in 2013? Here are 13 developing trends on the horizon:

1. Working from anywhere at any time will continue as global companies with offices distributed across many time zones continue to grow.

2. Corner offices and rigid workstations morph into unassigned space as the emphasis on a mobile workforce increases. The end of ‘Dilbertville.’ [...] Read More

The Importance of Employee Communications During a Relocation Project

By Matt Dennis on January 10, 2013

Your company just announced it’s planning to relocate. Questions start rolling in, concerns are raised and rumors develop. Unfortunately, water-cooler gossip can be the quickest form of communication leading up to a major relocation. This can be successfully managed with a robust communications plan. The ultimate goal of the communications plan should be to effectively [...] Read More

The Seat Assignment Process

By Matt Dennis on January 7, 2013

Once you have your space plan completed and know where you’re putting departments, you’ll need to start assigning seats to individuals. It’s important to coordinate the timing of this process with the rest of the project team. Complete it too early and you’ll have constant changes to manage leading up to the move. Too late, [...] Read More

What’s a Move Matrix and Why Do We Need One?

By Helen Dennis on December 27, 2012

Who’s Moving? Where from? Where to? When? These are only a few questions that need to be answered in regard to every person who will relocate from Point A to Point B when an organization moves. Without this collection of data – referred to here as the move matrix, but sometimes called a move database [...] Read More

What Happens When the Elevators go Down?

By Matt Dennis on December 13, 2012

A thorough relocation plan will have hundreds of items on a checklist – some more significant than others. They all have one goal in mind: creating minimum disruption. One frequently overlooked item that can cause major disruption during a move is the elevator. Failing to have a contingency plan for when an elevator goes down [...] Read More

How to Budget for Your Company Relocation

By Matt Dennis on December 3, 2012

So, your company has decided to move, or is considering moving, and your boss wants to know how much this is going to cost. You may already have an idea about the lease and realtor costs, but you have not even touched on the overwhelming task of obtaining budget figures for the move and build-out [...] Read More

Why Use a Business Relocation Consultant?

By Helen Dennis on November 26, 2012

Planning a relocation project is a time-consuming effort — especially when added to your already hectic day-to-day schedule. A typical business relocation project involves about an extra 2,800 hours of additional activities. The core business of a dedicated business relocation firm is to manage a process most organizations go through only once a decade. Business [...] Read More